Friday, 24 February 2017

Brent group launched to promote a London National Park City

A North Brent Residents Assocation and Parks  Group Forum was set up this week to further cause of making London a National Park City. The move has been supported by ward councllors in Barnhill, Northwick Park, Kenton and Kensal Green with John Billam Tenterden Parks and Neighbourhood Group taking the lead.  The initiative has been supported by Cllr Southwood, lead member for the environment. More endorsements by wards councillors are required to set up London as a National Park City.  It requires all councillors in a ward to support the application.

National Parks are special places where people work together to protect natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. As well as looking after these things, National Parks promote the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities by both residents and visitors. They also create new business opportunities in hospitality, travel and other sectors. Making London a National Park City would be to apply these same principles to all communities and areas in London.
A declaration to make London a National Park City is a belief in Londoners working together to:

1.      Make London greener 

Improving the richness, connective and biodiversity of London’s habitats 
Improving London’s air and water quality, year on year

2.      Make more of London’s outdoor heritage 

Improving health and connecting 100% of London’s children to nature 
Ensuring 100% of Londoners have free and easy access to high quality green space

3.      Make a new National Park City identity for London 

Inspiring new business activities 
Promoting London as a Green World City
Sir Terry Farrell has described the idea as being “one vision to inspire a million projects”. It is a large-scale and long-term vision that is achievable through lots of small and everyday actions. Many of these things are already happening, but there is the potential for so much more. What makes a National Park City very different from a rural National Park is the number of people who live in the capital. Every Londoner has the potential not only to enjoy London as a National Park City, but actually contribute to making it a success.
A National Park City would be privately and commercially funded. No public sector funding is needed. It will not cost the council anything, but the council will be able to leverage the National Park City to attract new investment. A National Park City status would not mean restrictions for planning permissions. A National Park City would want to conserve London’s ability to grow, develop and remain the dynamic city it is.
London can become a National Park City once two-thirds of councillor teams (436 of 654) have declared their support. So far 218 teams have already declared their support.

You can add your indidivual support HERE


Anonymous said...

Shame about the supposed super Wembley-no park-Park in this context.

Friends of King Eddie's said...

Good news for a change Martin. Friends of King Eddie's Park in Wembley contacted our local ward cllrs in Wembley Central & Preston Wards last yr- all signed their support for #NationalParkCity.

Philip Grant said...

An excellent idea, which would hopefully encourage more people to make use of, and help to take care of, our valuable local green spaces.

I have added my individual support, and have written to my Fryent Ward councillors to encourage them to declare their support for this initiative.


Jaine Lunn said...

I agree, pity Brent Council sold, transferred, or just allowed developers to build on our Green Spaces. just saying, Wembley Sports Ground now Ark Academy, Copland Fields now Ark Elvin Academy, Vale Farm, Sherrin's Farm, maybe in a few years time? It's incredible that whilst Air Pollution is now on the agenda and many of our schools are in highly polluted area's, Quintain have plans to build a primary school in the car park of York House. WOW, I really wanna see how that works out. At Wembley No Park.

Philip Grant said...

Two of my local councillors (George Crane and Shama Tatler) have replied to confirm that Fryent Ward has declared its support for a National Park City.

Have you checked with your Ward councillors whether they have done the same?


Anonymous said...

Could someone please clarify how the London Park City proposals, which sound a positive move from an Ecological perspective, fits in with Brent's other plans under the One Public Estate Proposals and the Development Plans for Northwick Park and Vale Farm open area sporting and park facilities? These plans appear contradictory from an Ecological perspective. We are losing wildlife habitat at an alarming rate due to building developments. We have grassed areas Astroturfed or replaced with hard courts and high level floodlighting; not exactly wildlife friendly. The One Public Estate proposals appear to include the building of homes, shops and roads on what is currently grassed parkland. Having been a Conservation Volunteer for over 30 years, trying to retain Brent's wildlife and habitats, I am extremely worried by any "new proposals" claiming to protect and improve facilities for future generations when the opposite has been the case historically. It all sounds great on paper but what is the trade off in reality. I don't trust Brent or their hidden motives any more.