Friday, 17 February 2017

Disabled people asked to contact Brent Advocacy Concerns over cuts in care packages

Brent Advocacy Concerns, one of several Brent voluntary organisations facing an uncertain future following the decision of NHS Estates to charge market rents to voluntary organisations at their Willesden Centre PFI property, are asking disabled people to get in touch over the impact of a review of care packages:

On January 16th, Brent Council made a decision that will mean that some disabled individuals living in the borough will be facing cuts to their social care packages.
The council has decided to reassess those people who were receiving the Independent Living Fund (ILF) from the Government before the scheme was closed. This is with the aim of reducing either care costs or the hours of support received for some of the disabled people in Brent who receive this support.   Brent Council have said:
“The Council is confident that the wellbeing of all 21 service users affected can and will be maintained, and that they will continue to be able to access the community as well as receive all of the personal care and support they require.”
Brent Advocacy Concerns is keen to know whether Brent Council have or is going to review people’s care package and what the actual or expected outcome will be and the impact it will have upon their wellbeing and engagement in the community as a result of any cuts to their care packages.    We would like to hear from disabled people with the goal of highlighting the impact that the social care cuts is having upon residents living in Brent.
Brent Advocacy Concerns is a member of Inclusion London and has supported their campaign work which led to the Government having to do a U-turn on ILF funding.   The Government has allocated four years of ILF funding (2016-2020) for Brent ILF recipients – we need to make sure the continued funding for ILF is used to maintain disabled individuals social care packages. 
We would like to hear from you.  Please contact us on 020 8459 1493 (voicemail messages will be responded to)
Email   or   
With regards
John Healy, Chair
Brent Advocacy Concerns. 
Brent Advocacy Concerns, Willesden Centre for Health and Care, Robson Avenue, London

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