Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rubbishy aftermath of Sunday's Spurs match at Wembley Stadium

This is published with the permission of the author who outlined the impact of the recent Tottenham match.  First published the website NextDoor:

This morning after Sunday's event I got my picker stick out, didn't need a carrier bag as one had thoughtfully been left in my hedge and started picking up the rubbish left by yesterdays fans. I had 3 beer cans, three coffee cups, Lucozade bottle, 2 cigarette packets, a half eaten sandwich, half a kebab left in it's box and a half filled plastic beer mug. 

All this was strewn alongside my hedge or in my front garden. I also had a large black plastic bag half filled with beer cans left on the corner of my property, which I suppose is better than being left individually. So from 2 events in one week I've collected two carrier bags full of rubbish and a black plastic bag full of beer cans. Living on a corner I've collected all this just from the front and alongside my property. And this is only outside one house a stone's throw away from the stadium. So much for Brent's extra rubbish collections on event days!

PS I don't get this usually from American football fans or concert goers, only football supporters.

PPS No I don't dislike football, I support a club, it's just football attracts the worst fans and sadly it's football fans that are going to be coming to all these extra events.

Maybe if this is going to be the norm I should ask Brent Council to supply me with plastic bags.



Jaine Lunn said...

Sounds very typical of whats to come if Spurs comes to Wembley

Philip Grant said...

Just for information - Sunday's football match at Wembley Stadium was a League Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton, not a Spurs match - but that does not excuse such unsocial littering behaviour by ANY football supporter.


Now driven to become beligerent said...

If they don't I suggest a short trip along Engineers Way and into the Civic Centre. Empty the contents by the internal post box with a card on top saying "for collection by Mohammed Butt" and re-use your bag. Brent Council has long stated that it stands by the reduce, RE-USE or recycle ethos.

Anonymous said...

The link to nextdoor didn't work. This is the site address: https://nextdoor.co.uk