Saturday, 30 November 2019

Ban on election leafleting of Northwick Park University of Westminster students

The Harrow Halls of Residence
As a result of encouragement by the University a third of the 1,500 students accommodated at the Northwick Park University of Westminster  halls of residence have registered to vote.

Excellent work encouraging democratic participation of young people.

All the more perplexing then that a polite request to distribute election material to the student flats was, equally politely, turned down by the management of the accommodation.

I was told that this was a decision made at the highest level as the University did not want the students inundated with material and that modern students got all their information through internet searches rather than leaflets.

Apparently this ban applied to all political parties and bundles of leaflets delivered to the Campus by the Labour Party had been binned.

I wonder if the students have had any say in this decision that I was told was 'final'.


  1. This is absolutely outrageous! Was the decision made by the University or the accommodation management body, presumably private sector?
    Mike P.

  2. The accommodation appears to be run by the University with a separate manager of the halls of residence. The manager told me what the policy was and said it had been made at the highest level.