Thursday, 21 November 2019

Green candidate calls on Brent Council to review Mapesbury asphalt & Furness trees decisions

William Relton, Green Party  parliamentary candidate for Brent Central is calling on Brent Council to review two actions that were due to be implemented on Monday morning in the night of its Climate Emergency Declaration. William said,
Quite why this is happening so soon after The Climate Emergency Declaration was made is quite staggering.The Climate Emergency Declaration must be more than a public relations stunt. It will only have credibility if residents can see that it affects Brent Council’s every environmental action. I support Mapesbury residents concerned about the detrimental environmental impact of asphalt replacing paving in Dartmouth Road and the people of Furness Road who have managed to delay the cutting down of trees in their road, five of which are outside Furness Primary School. Both cases indicate that the Council is prevented by a bureaucratic interpretation of its own guidelines in making sensible decisions that contribute to   the fight against climate change. 

I call on Brent Council to review both decisions and ensure that all such actions are seen through the lense of the Climate Emergency Declaration. Coincidentally I responded in the comments section of the CED specifically about Brent needing to implement a large scale tree planting programme, and this removal of healthy trees seems to be completely at odds with its own policy.

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Pieman said...

I agree with William's thrust here but it has to be recognised that it does take time for every "root and branch" of an organisation like Brent Council to change their objectives and have them reconciled with all the other divisions within the Council organisation. The Council does publish regularly a magazine that reports the activities of the Council particularly where it engages with the public. This magazine seems an excellent vehicle for the Council to report on its progress towards becoming properly primed to address its own Climate Emergency Declaration.