Friday, 22 November 2019

Help plant 250 trees in One Tree Park tomorrow!

Predictable comment but I haven't had my second coffee of the morning yet...    I expect they will have to rename it 'Twohundredandfiftyone Tree Hill.'  Great stuff after the Brent Council tree removal controversy.

From Wembley Central and Alperton Residents' Association

WCARA will be holding another tree planting event this year. Planting over 250 trees in One Tree Hill Park on Saturday 23rd November between 2:30 pm and 3:30pm.

We will be joining many other community groups during the National Tree Week whic is the UK's largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.
Trees do so much for us every day. They give us oxygen, store carbon, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, support wildlife and are a key solution to climate change. They also make our communities more beautiful and improve our wellbeing.

But trees need our help now. We need to champion them, by planting many more trees and caring for the ones we already have, to ensure a green, tree-filled future.

National Tree Week is an opportunity for everyone to plant a tree and help ensure a tree-filled future. So dig out your sturdy boots, grab a spade and become a Tree Champion today!

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