Friday, 15 November 2019

Brent Council and Vaillant Boilers leave disabled pensioner out in the cold for a week

John Healy, a disabled pensioner living in a Brent Council property on the South Kilburn Estate has found himself without heating  for a week. Both Brent Council and Vaillant Boilers failed to look after his well-being after his boiler broke down last Friday. He is still waiting for the repair.

John told Wembley Matters:
My boiler broke down last Friday night and Brent's engineer said I needed a new pump. He told me  I had to contact the Council  on Monday which I did.

Vallant who supplied my boiler made an appointment for me last Wednesday but they never showed.  They made another appointment for today but they failed to show up again.

I visited the Kilburn HUB on Wednesday  saying I wanted to make a complaint against the Council but they told me I could not make one.

I rang the Council around 4pm the same day (Wednesday) but again they said I could not make a complaint against the council but I could make one against Vaillant.

I have asked Vaillant twice to send me a copy of their complaints form but they have not sent  it to me.  Instead they are trying to put the blame on me by suggesting that my hearing impairment is the problem.
So today I made an on-line complant to Brent Council.  
In conclusion, I am a disabled pensioner who needs his home to be warm and going without any heating or hot water for over a week has made me ill.

UPDATE via email  from John sent at 18.27 (2 hours after this story was published and tweeted)
Oakray have offered me an appointment for next Monday morning and they say they have their own parking permits for the council car park next to my block.

Still that will be 10 days without any heating or hot water but hopefully it will not be for any longer.


Martin Francis said...

John Healy has emailed me to say: Vallant have emailed me to say that their engineer could not find a place to park this morning. They now say they can not visit me unless I arrange 'a parking permit' for their engineer. Do you remember when Brent Housing brought in a policy saying their disabled customers would be left to freeze, unless they take the responsibility for finding a parking space for contractors.

Martin Francis said...

Further comment from John Healy: The council said I could only make a complaint against Vallant but they replied that they do not have a complaint's policy.

They also said that they do not have a policy for their disabled customers as they make appts in a first come served system-- but that has not worked for me at all.