Tuesday 21 January 2020

93% of Brent's Community Infrastructure Levy retained at end of 2018-19 financial year

Brent Council's  Annual Community Infrastructure Levy Report for the financial year 2018-2019 has just been published.  It shows that 93% of Brent CIL (£86,112,896.87) was retained at the end of the year.  The proportion of Strategic CIL retained was 94% (£74,026,947). £4,672,262 went towards Olympic Way works.

The Council has a long-term Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2020-2041, linked to the Brebt Local Plan, that can be seen HERE.

Cllr Muhammed Butt at the recent meeting on Street Trees, argued that Brent Council had no money for extensive tree and pavement works, so it is worth looking at the section of CIL that goes towards Neighbourhood CIL. The percentage retained was 89% overall (£12,085,948).

The borough is divided into six CIL neighbourhoods for the purposes of Neighbourhood CIL. These are the figures - the amount available includes the carry-forward from previous years.

CIL Neighbourhood
Amount available
Amount allocated
Percentage allocated
Amount retained
Kilburn & Kensal
Kingsbury & Kenton
Sudbury Town

At the Trees meeting Cllr Butt appeared to blame local groups for not putting forward bids for Neighbourhood CIL to fund enviromental project but in previous years Council departments, in various guises, have put forward their own bids on behalf of particular neighbourhoods.

I would suggest that the Scrutiny Task Group on trees policy could widen their brief to include the use of Neigbourhood CIL.

The full report LINK available below lists the projects that have been funded in each CIL neighbourhood.
(Click bottom right corner for full page view)

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