Thursday, 9 January 2020

Barry Gardiner's potential leadership bid gets mixed reception

The possibility of a late entry in the Labour leadership by Brry Gardiner MP has received a mixed reception on social media. Some have been impressed by his appearances on TV and radio as a supporter of Corbyn but others asked 'Who is he?'

on Gardiner's politics, Seema Chandwani, vice chair of London Labour tweeted:
There is no way I'd support Brarry Gardiner for Leader. His pro-Modi stance, his stirring with the Indian community over Kashmir and his inability now, despite getting involved in Indian politics, to condemn Modi and the Citizenship Amendment Act is too much.


 The thought of him being Leader is a total kick in the teeth for Asian members like me.
 On the other hand Ben Jolly tweeted:
Barry Gardiner cut through the lies about Jeremy Corbyn beautifully. His intelligence & clarity reaches over the noise of every journalist or Tory MP he faces. He is well briefed on Party policy & extreme passionate for change. This is why he gets my vote.
Dawn Butler has already announced her bid for the deputy leadership which raises the possibility of a Brent (rather than Islington) national Labour leadership.

Not likely to impress the northern towns?

Barry Gardiner speaking today LINK  What makes him stand out from rivals? 'I can win a General Election.'

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Barry, but the new Leader has to be a woman, and not from a London seat!!!