Friday 24 January 2020

Liberal Democrats win Alperton council seat from Labour

After deluging the ward with thousands of leaflets and fielding up to 80 canvassers the Liberal Democrats tonight gained Alperton from Labour.

Anton Georgiou won 1,699 votes, followed by Labour at 1,304.  The Labour candidate had been suspended by the party while investigations were made into alleged Islamophobic tweets. Andrew Linnie achieved 373 votes for the Greens and the Tories won 900.

Labour held the other contested seats in Wembley Central and Barnhill.

The Conservatives had been very active in the byelections spurred on by the General Election win and are likely to be disappointed by their performance.

Georgiou will be the sole Liberal Democrat on the Council but promises robust scrutiny of Council decision making.

Greens were disappointed not to make a breakthrough into the Council chamber but will continue to provide robust opposition and scrutiny from outside.

Election result from Brent Council

The results for each candidate are:
Alperton results
4,303 residents in Alperton ward cast their votes, marking a turnout of 33.99%.
The results for each candidate are:
Barnhill results
2,751 residents in Barnhill ward cast their votes, marking a turnout of 21.97%.
Wembley Central
The results for each candidate are:
Wembley Central results
3,602 residents in Wembley Central ward cast their votes, marking a turnout of 27.57%.


Anonymous said...

At least it saved Labour from the embarrassment of having Chetan Harpale elected!!!

Trevor said...

I think that too much importance is put upon the ''personalities''of political party candidates and less upon their party policies and whether they help to make Brent a better borough in which residents can live, work, rest and indeed play.
Consider the fact that the 2019 Labour general election manifesto was rejected on a huge scale particularly in the north of Britain.
Next, if you weigh that against the rejection of the conservatives on a local level, what does that say about the British electorates?
Would you not agree that personality seems to be more important to the electorate than party policies?
I put it to you that if this trend continues, Brent will stay in the doldrums because people are allowing personalities to override the actual policies that are keeping Brent in a state of stagnation.