Friday 24 January 2020

Green's performance in the Brent by-elections

Thanks to everyone who voted Green in the Brent by-elections and to those who came out to help us leaflet. We were disappointed not to do better but getting more than 8% in two of the wards was an achievement.


Trevor said...

I didn't use my right to choose who I would like to serve as the new Councillor
because I've grown weary of playing this game of helping to put someone from the 4 main political parties
who then if elected, persistently fail to tackle at least one of the many long standing environmental problems such as broken, misaligned pavements.
They all of course promise to address them if they are elected but when they get what they want
they always fail to keep their pre-election pledge and use the overused and unconvincing excuse of not having enough people on their side to do what all of us pay them for by means of taxes.
Anyone that can convince me to vote in the next election will be dependent upon what the newly elected Councillors do hence forth.
I warn you that my faith in local democracy is just about finished and that is thanks to all the Councillors who were elected and failed to make the changes that Wembley has been crying out for (in vain.)
One more thing is I cannot understand how people can evidently have faith in Labour on a local level
even though they have clearly keep us in want for years
and yet further afield countless people rejected Labour on a scale that defies belief?
I personally gave up on Labour after they took the trust of the nation for granted in 1997 and spent more time taking unfair advantage of the expenses system rather than putting the needs of the people first.
I've made many mistakes in my life but one thing i'll never do is vote to be cheated and let down by a party that says it's on my side but shows by their subsequent actions that they aren't.
I'm a man not a doormat or a punchbag for Labour or for that matter any other political party.

Trevor said...

I would like to add to my initial comment by suggesting that maybe it is time for all political parties
to realize that the current state of British democracy is a result of a combination of incompetence and complacency on a local and countywide scale, coupled of course with policies which lead to want, inequality, despair, disillusionment,loss of trust,loss of respect,frustration,anger, desperation,confusion,chaos,loss of control, mental health issues and ultimately crime.
Evidence suggests that democracy is far from perfect and leaves much to be desired but in the meantime
if given the choice between dictatorship and a flawed democracy
I would chose the latter.
However, even though incompetence and complacency has hurt so many people on a local level, it seems as if people don't want change in terms of Green party candidates.
If the Green party had been given the opportunity to take a greater hold of the council and subsequently found wanting,
then by all means throw them out but to reject them on such a large scale(in favor of Labour and the conservatives who together have effectively starved the people of Brent on just about every level) before they were even allowed to show their ability seems unfair to me.