Sunday 5 January 2020

Hashi Mohamed on "What it takes to make it in modern Britain" - February 11th

An event organised by Salusbury World

Hashi Mohamed, arrived in the UK as a child refugee from Somalia at the age of 9. He was raised on benefits in Harlesden and is now a successful barrister. LINK He knows a great deal about social mobility in the UK.

In his new book, People Like Us, he looks at the many barriers to social mobility in the UK where the best indicator of what your job will be is the job of your parents, where power and privilege is concentrated in the 7% who are privately educated, where is your name sounds black or Asian you will have to send twice as many job applications as a white person.

Hashi will look at the stark statistics that reveal the depth of the problem and the failures of education, imagination and confidence that compound it.

What can be done to address this seemingly intractable problem?

Tuesday February 11th 7-9pm

Queens Park Community School
Aylestone Avenue

FREE but register HERE

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