Thursday 23 January 2020

Before you vote this evening in #Alperton #Barnhill #WembleyCentral Brent by-elections READ THIS!


Trevor said...

The impression I'm left with is that political parties seem to be hungry for responsibility and if and when they get it,
they show their gratitude in return by being mean and hold back funding for housing, the environment etc.
When the electorate invariably complain, the Councillors point the finger at central government
and they naturally deny any responsibility for prolonging the stagnation in Brent.
What's going on here?
I still can't understand why former Labour party supporters rejected them on a national level
while party supporters on a local level remained loyal in spite of the fact that the country has been in the hands of the conservatives since 2010?
It begs the question in my mind what on earth has Labour has been doing on a national level since 2010 to be rejected on a large scale in the recent general election while managing to retain support on a local level in spite of the heartbreaking neglect which is clear for all to see?
While the Green party are left to effectively peck around for mere crumbs of support in spite of the fact that they supposedly haven't had enough Councillors in the council cabinet to ensure funding for the seemingly endless broken, misaligned pavements in the Barn hill ward let alone others.
I'm genuinely confused and in the absence of clarity there is no accountability because all the Labour council cabinet seems to do is point the finger at central government who then point it back in return.
The entire thing has become a cruel game which is also tiresome and immensely irritating and I refuse to partake in this game in which everyone loses.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks for your comment Trevor. There is quite a lot of automatic support for Labour in Brent but their vote was down in the by-elections. Greens have to try to break through that with a small number of members and an ever smaller budget. We don;t have business or trade union backers and rely on members' subscriptions. The other parties distributed far more leaflets than we did although that made some people fed up with all the paper! We are pushing for more accountability and even without councillors we do that through this blog and raising issues at Council meetings. Despite the defeat we shall continue to do so.