Sunday 5 January 2020

Harlesden Climate Action - Friday January 10th

From Love Harlesden Residents Forum Facebook Group - a very welcome move.
Happy New Year!

In 2020 fighting climate change is not an option anymore.

So let's roll up our sleeves and do as much as we can here in #Harlesden to cut greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience in the community in the face of a warming planet.
Brent council has started working on a new sustainability plan that will be adopted in the spring. There is also an opportunity to get some community funding via the The National Lottery Climate Action fund.

Things are moving in the right direction at borough level

- although it's not always obvious, granted! - but we need to make sure that change goes as far as possible and as fast as possible.

I want a greener, healthier Harlesden for everyone with fewer cars, lots of solar panels, less waste and lots of community orchards and growing spaces.

The more people get involved, the more things we can achieve this year and the years following.
Are you in?

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