Monday 6 January 2020

Green Party candidate calls for Labour to withdraw support from their Alperton by-election candidate over anti-Muslim views

The website has today published more extracts from Tweets allegedly written by the Labour Party candidate in the Alperton by-election, Chetan Harpale,

Andrew Linnie, Green Party candidate for Alperton said:
I am shocked and disgusted by the racist, islamophobic views aired by Labour's candidate in the Alperton by-election. I think it is important, given the hostility of the language used, that Labour leader Cllr Butt not only condemns these views but withdraws support from this inappropriate candidate from the election while there's still time. Mr Harpale has no place representing anyone, let alone representing an area as culturally diverse as Alperton.


Anonymous said...

Although Muhammed Butt is Brent through and through, and is happy to be with people from any background, his roots are from Muslim Kashmir, so he must find Chetan Harpale's tweets deeply offensive.

Brent's Labour Group should withdraw support for their rogue candidate in Alperton, and advise their supporters there to abstain "en masse" in the by-election on 23 January.

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? In my local area?
I'm a Labour supporter but will never vote for this joke.

Anonymous said...

According to the Kilburn Times website, Labour has suspended Chetan Harpale -