Thursday, 10 December 2020

Scrutinising Brent Council's Climate Emergency Strategy



The above recording is from the December 1st Scrutiny Committee. The recommendation to invest targeted  'new money' into the Strategy is clearly important and it was good to see a firmer commitment to investing the Council's pension fund into sustainable energy production rather than fossil fuels.  The concern with energy efficiency in the many new builds currently taking place in Brent made me wonder if it would be useful to have Scrutiny Committee investigate this area along with the environmental cost of  new build itself.

The issue of the whole Brent Council estate - council housing and council owned buildings, including most of our primary schools - and how they could contribute to emissions reduction and alternative energy production, was not discussed.

The consultation on the Climate Emergency Strategy ends on January 15th 2021 so do consider contributing as an individual or through organisations such as Brent Friends of the Earth.

Direct link to the Council consultation

Council overview of the consultation

Brent Friends of the Earth are working on their response. You can contact them at


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