Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Pride of Brent 2020 announced - those who contributed so much in this most difficult of years

Brent Council has published its Pride of Brent list for 2020, those individuals and organisations that have gone 'above and beyond' in this the most difficult of years. Rather than the usual gala style celebration at the Civic Centre their  contribution will be acknowledged this year through articles in the Brent Magazine and the council's social media channels.

Among the many deserving names there is one that strikes a jarring note.  Chetan Harpale, the Labour candidate for the Alperton by-election is listed despite having been suspended at the time for alleged Islamophobic comments. LINK LINK

One of the most amazing events of the early days of the pandemic was the sponataneous rise of Mutual Aid groups across the borough who delivered food and other support to people who were self-isolating.  Alongside them the borough's food banks stepped up their efforts and were augmented by other organisations and individuals. They are all still working selflessly as we enter Tier 4.  Some are listed for Pride of Brent but many are not, so I am acknowledging their contribution here.

The Brent Council announcement:

This year has been a challenging time for us all, but during the uncertainty we have seen some amazing people step up to support their fellow residents.

We asked you to recognise the people you think have supported Brent’s communities through this difficult time and you did not disappoint with more than eighty nominations received.

Here are the people and organisations who have worked to make life a bit easier for others in 2020. They are the Pride of Brent.

Individuals –

Alice Ekwalia

Alina Nicoleta Balatchi Lupascu

Ava Brosnan

Ayan Abdi

Ben Shapiro

Chetan Harpale

Daksha Varsani and Paresh Jethwa

David and Sol Williams

Debbie Thomas, Christians Against Poverty - St. Gabriel's Cricklewood

Desi Dhaba

Doreen Gill

Dipesh Ahir

Dr Silvia Gerea

Emily Morris

Geraldine Darroux

Geraldine Reid assisted by Cathryn Walsh

Giles Deards

Giuseppe Caggese

Hema Mistry

Imam Abdullah Hassan Salloo

Ishrat Malik

Jacqueline Bunce-Linsell

Julia Straker

Kalyan Patel

Kelli Eboji

Kirti Soni


Leroy Simpson

Maureen Anthony

Maxine Anderson

Muhammad Ata Ullah

Patricia Wharton

Rajeshri Sheth

Ramesh and staff

Renata and Peter

Seva Mitra Mandal

Sharon Aninakwa

Tariq Dar

The teachers at Lyon Park Primary school

Toni Trent

Vivekananda reddy Sadhu

Yvonne Wilson Equi Vision


Community Groups –

406 (Willesden) Squadron RAF Air Cadets

Ansar Youth Project

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha

Brahma Kumaris

Brent Thrive

Daniels den parent and toddler group

F.O.H Brent / Warren Reilly

Iraqi Welfare Association

Jason Roberts Foundation

Kensal Green Under Fives Group Community Nursery

Kingsbury Community Group

London Elite

Granville Community Kitchen / Leslie & Dee

Romanian Women in UK

Rumi's Cave

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Willesden

The Angels Academies

Wembley Central Mutual Aid group

Youth With A Mission Urban Key London


Private organisations and businesses

Abigail Simon - The Yum Yum Food Company

Brent Library Customer Services

Cuore Italian Deli & coffee shop


Harrow Care Plus (Brent)

Housing Plus Qara Limited

Kilhan Construction Ltd


Mahogany Carnival Arts

Meera Nursing Home

Mario’s Restaurant: Mr Mario Nunes

O' Farrell's Traditional Family Butcher

Red Lotus Events CIC

Sewa Security Group

Shara Grossman Pharmacy

The George/McDonagh's Bar/Manuel Elvis Pinto

The Larder

Wembley triangle massage

VoxBrain LTD


Newly established groups –

Harlesden Mutual Aid

Parent Anchor




Trevor Ellis said...

Throughout 2020 and the previous year,
I have written letters that were published in the Brent and Kilburn Times newspaper.

The content of my letters focused on my concerns on a number of important issues in Brent such as housing, homelessness, the increasing neglect of the environment on the part of certain irresponsible residents and the council contractors who are paid to carry out repairs when and where they are needed.

I am pleased to know that as a result of my focus and diligence I managed to get a number of potholes repaired, paint removed from part of pavement near to my place of residence, as well as reporting breaches of tenancy agreements to the landlord that make the estate in which I reside look untidy, I have also had litter removed from green areas within the vicinity of Chalk Hill estate
and I even managed to persuade MTVH ( Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing) to have graffiti removed from a section of the Welford Centre building wall.
I have had other positive results but my point is I have been quietly doing what I can to bring about changes in my part of the borough and though there is still much work to be done, and I don't get any recognition for the positive changes that my letters and correspondence with councillors and members of the Chalk hill estate management team, neither do I desire it because I only do what I do because it is right and necessary and as long as I am able and the need exists,
I will continue doing what I can in my own understated way that will hopefully bring about changes that benefit local residents and visitors.

Unknown said...

Trevor, it's an immense job you're doing and you're right that you should be recognized. But perhaps by joining one of the Mutual Aid groups your ability to get things done could be amplified. I know Wembley Central Together and other Mutual Aid groups would love to have you on board