Thursday, 8 March 2012

All Souls give Kensal Rise campaigners hope

The Friends of Kensal Rise Library have received good news from the Bursar of All Souls College.
 I am writing to confirm that All Souls College has contacted the council via its solicitors to inform them that the College would be happy to consider the library being kept open as proposed in the Business Plan prepared by the 'Friends of Kensal Rise Library, Ltd.
This puts the ball firmly into Brent Council's court. I await developments with interest.

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Anonymous said...

It's my belief the closing of so many libraries within Brent is just another mechanism of keeping communities under the thumb.

I have seen the likes of Cricklewood and Willesden deteriorate over the last 20 years while the council continued to expanded its dictatorship.

The "regeneration" of Willesden Green library has nothing to do with delivering a better library service and everything to do with profit. The profit has probably already been accounted for and spent on more weekends away at a place where peasants like us can only read about in the willesden and brent times.

Local councillors aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them a basic allowance of £7,974 for doing absolutely nothing. Attending meetings and chairing committees are part of the allowance and in some instances top's them up.
Have you ever gone to a committee meeting? These councillors look so bored and in many cases are steered towards a decision about a topic they know nothing about. I ask you all to give up an hour of your time to see how your Council Tax money is being spent at one of these comedy shows called committees. The planning one is rather amusing and revolves around the issuing of 106 agreements, that in return net profit to the council.

It's important people start waking up to the fact if councillors were any good they'd be out their doing it themselves without the need of petitions that require a minimum number and letters of complaint to back up the signatures. The system is designed to deter you into giving up and when you work 9-6 (its no longer 5 guys and will soon be 7) you will give up.

Talk to your neighbours, talk to the man or woman in the queue of the post office, supermarket, the one stop shop, just keep speaking about your experiences when dealing with councillors and council employees (make sure you use names of the councillors and brent employees you dealt with) and continue to pass the facts on.

The Council have got away with so much for so long because we're all divided and too scared to talk to one another. The more they divide us, the more they're able to get away with ending we us all having very little.

Don't forget the new council tax bills arrive soon, these councillors need paying as do brent staff, so make sure you pay them on time or they'll send you a fine for not being able to afford to pay on time.

On a positive note your Council Tax bill is not going to increase this year and the Lib Dems for one are proud to tell you this. Education is the key here my fellow peasants, you're getting less this year because the services you enjoyed last year are decreased. A mere slide of the hand, nothing to see here now.

Remember that council tax is a priority over everything else in your life, pay by direct debit so even when you can't afford to pay your Bank will. Getting into debt never hurt anyone, did it.

Wake up people.