Saturday, 3 March 2012

Temporary reception classes at Preston Library?

The scale of the shortage of primary school places in Brent is set out in another report to the Executive:

The expansion of four primary schools is suggested plus a variety of other short-term solutions that will be controversial. The issue of providing new schools remains a low priority and is undermined by Coalition requirements that new schools should be free schools or academies in the first instance.

The four expanded schools are Barham from 3 to 4 form entry, Mitchell Brook 2-3 FE, Fryent 2-4 FE and Furness 2-3 FE. All governing bodies have agreed except for Furness which awaits the appointment of a new headteacher.

It is suggested that the closed Preston Library could provide one or two 'bulge' classes of 30 depending on adaptations and the Stonebridge Centre in Twybridge Way 120 places through provision of temporary classrooms.

Temporary expansion of existing schools include St Andrew and St Francis (30 places), Ashley Gardens (Preston Manor) 60 places, Wembley High (using 6th form provision for primary) 60 places, St Josephs Catholic Primary 30 places, Vicar's Green (an Ealing school on Brent border) 30 places, Curzon Crescent Children's Centre 30 places. College Green Nursery 25 places and Riverbank Nursery (Brentfield) 30 places.

The full report is HERE

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