Sunday, 11 March 2012

Demanding a voice at Willesden Green on Saturday

It was a great day down at Willesden Green on Saturday at the Brent Council-Galliford Try 'consultation' on the Cultural Centre project. The people presenting the proposals and  answering questions from the public seemed increasingly uncomfortable faced with well-informed and incisive questioning from local residents. Many of their answers were vague or shrugged off with 'that was before we got involved'. Clearly the developers have been dropped in a thicket of brambles and stinging nettles by Brent Council and are not very happy about it.

Outside the public were anxious to sign Keep Willesden Green's petitions and the campaign's yellow stickers were everywhere along the High Road.

This campaign means business!


Anonymous said...

Who is the land registered to? and who were the councillors that said the building was an eye sore?

caroline said...

that NEW PROPSED building is a complete eyesore. Whats more I only received the Consultation document. yesterday. What happened to allowing each adult to have a say?

I do think the exsisting library is an eyesore, but that is because it has been let run down (probably deliberately)

I cannot beleive they spend nearly 3 million on it a few years agon and then abandoned it. What happended to the cafe, the cinema, the childrens play area.. Left to rot Why, I ask myself??????

The Local Don said...

Do you know which councillors the campaigners are referring to in the video who said the CURRENT 1894 building was an eye sore?

The council spend the money we voluntarily give them knowing it's continually going to keep coming in. The mathematics only ever need to be adjusted by 10% because the council still requires a 90% Council Tax contribution from an EMPTY dwelling.

Anonymous said...

Staff Development? that means training right? So where are staff to be trained now? Oh yes, in rented space in Patidar House and other such privately owned premises. More money WASTED when Gwennies building is still perfectly usable.

Martin Francis said...

The School Improvement Service is due to move to the Civic Centre but is likely to be semi-privatised by then so the replacement public enterprise company is likely to be charged market rents for this high tech space. Little parking will be available for teachers attending the courses.