Friday, 30 March 2012

Make your voice heard at Consultation Forums starting next week

The Spring Area Consultative Forums start next week.  The complete list with agenda is:

WEMBLEY - Tuesday April 3rd, 7pm at Patidar House, 22 London Road, (off Wembley High Road)
  • Establishing ward working priorities for 2012/13
  • Olympic Route Network (ORN) - update from TfL and LOCOG
  • A consultation on Allotments and Food Growing Strategy - have your say!
  • Brent celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

KILBURN AND KENSAL - Wednesday April 4th,7pm at Kensal Rise Primary School, Harvist Road, NW6 (note change of venue to that previously advertised)
  • Brent Council agreed budget for 2012/13
  • Olympic Route Network (ORN) - update from TfL and LOCOG
  • Establishing ward working priorities for 2012/13
  • Site within Albert Road, South Kilburn - a proposed redevelopment 
  • Brent celebrates the Diamond Jubilee
 HARLESDEN - Tuesday April 10th, 7pm All Souls Church, Station Road, NW10
  • Establishing ward working priorities for 2012/13
  • Next steps for Harlesden Town Centre 
  • A consultation on Allotments and Food Growing Strategy - have your say!
  • Brent celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

WILLESDEN - Wednesday April 18th, 7pm College of North West London, Denzil Road, NW10
  • Agenda not yet published
Get a,long and have your say. Remember you can book a 'Soap Box' slot to talk about a subject of your choice by arriving early and filling in a form or booking online.


Anonymous said...

Why bother going to to the ACF's
We don't get listened and the fact that the Chair of the meeting gets over £1000 is a complete disgrace and has put me off attending.

Martin Francis said...

I sympathise with your comments but the problem is that the scrutiny system within the Council is not effective and neither are the Opposition councillors - and anyway on issues such as the Civic Centre and the Willesden Green regeneration the three parties speak with one voice barring a couple of minor quibbles.

I think that that means that individuals and campaigning groups should make their voices heard wherever they can, despite the limitations, and expose sham consultations and misinformation.

The Local Don said...

Protesting actually means performance under without agreement. its an ok but I'm not happy about it. It is not a rejection, it is clearly a legal acceptance.

If you're protesting the demolition of the 1894 building, you are legally accepting the demolition of the 1894 building, but saying you're unhappy about it - you're not happily accepting it. It is not a rejection.

Protest is acceptance legally. Thats why you're allowed to peacefully protest. Protest is for children. You can march up and down Willesden Green about the rejection campaign, just make sure you call it a peaceful rejection.

Protest is yes, rejection is no.

When you have a complaint about Brent Council, Brent Council investigates the complaint. When you have a complaint about a local councillor, Brent Councillor investigates it. Anyone notice a problem with this?

Local councillors are paid by Brent Council to regulate your concerns, this means not replying to those who are rejecting something.
Local councillors webpage:

Press on any of the 63 local councillor profiles and you'll see: 'Bus.Email' This is what its all about ladies and gents. BUSINESS.

Write to your local councillor, ask them a question and educate yourself. The education lesson you'll learn is that you know more than them - just believe in yourself. They can close your libraries, but they can't close your mind.

The Local Don.

trevor said...

at last someone has finally woken up to the fact that although they say COME AND HAVE YOUR SAY...what they do after leaves the impression that what they actually do barely reflects the thoughts and feelings of the tax paying public.

The Local Don said...

lol, thats because protest is yes and rejection is no.

STOP protesting and START rejecting.

The Local Don.

The Local Don said...

...the 'tax' you refer to funds Brent Council who use it to pay "members of the council" (local councillors) to convince you're wrong and their employers are right.

The Local Don