Sunday, 11 March 2012

Protests as Lib Dems dump paper mountain in Dollis Hill

I was out with Brent Green Party colleagues in Dollis Hill today enjoying a beautiful day, good company and meeting local people.

One seriously pissed of woman who was washing her car begged me not to put a London Green News  through her door. "Not another political leaflet! I'm fed up with all these political leaflets through my door every day.  Every day another leaflet. My place is covered in leaflets! No more leaflets!"

Clearly she is not the only one. We found one house where a bin was carefully placed beneath the letter box so the leaflets could drop straight in.  It takes a lot for political leaflets to replace pizza menus as the most hated junk mail.

So what is the cause of this?

The Lib Dem leaflets of course. Showing scant regard for the forests and even less for the feelings of local people they are now on about their 8th or 9th leaflet. A process could be called political fly-tipping on people's doormats.

What is worse,  as my previous posting showed, many of them are not immediately identifiable as Lib Dem leaflets. The latest have been printed in red to look, at a glance, like a Labour leaflet and today there was a blue one which was trying to mop up some Tory votes. Alison Hopkins name was prominent but the fact that she was a Lib Dem candidate hardly figured.

The problem with the Lib Dem's approach is that people's annoyance rubs off on all parties and the political literature which should be a vital part of deciding how to vote in a democratic system becomes discredited and therefore ignored.

Apart from LGN, which is a general Green newspaper for the whole of London, we will be distributing just one modest A5 Green by-election leaflet in the Dollis Hill by-election.

And the woman who was washing her car?

She allowed me to chat to her about the Green Party and why we need some independent Green councillors on Brent Council, while she continued to wash her car in the sunshine. Nothing for her to recycle except the air I breathed.


Anonymous said...

Alison Hopkins wants a position of power in Dollis Hill, if you have any doubts go talk to residents and local shop goers on what she considers her patch.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what is called 'being a councillor'?

Anonymous said...

Stopped the demolishing of the old 1894 building have they? you know, those with the illusion of power (councillors)

Councillors represent the council, not the people they shook hands with before polling day.

5,000+ signatures on a petition shows we can do more without councillors contracted to a council that pays them a wage to humour us little people.

How can councillors be impartial and represent the public when they take money from the same council.

Democracy? lol