Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tell Willesden Green developers what you think on March 9th and 10th

Shop/house window poster

Keep Willesden Green is producing these posters for display in shop and house windows to get the message about the redevelopment out as widely as possible.

You can download your own A4 version as a PDF HERE

Keep Willesden Green are pressing the Council/Galliford Try to STOP, LISTEN  AND REFLECT to enable residents to say what they think of the proposals and what they want for their community. It is important that this message gets to them on the Exhibition/Feedback days to be held at the Willesden Green Library Centre on Martch 9th and 10th.

Keep Willesden Green do not accept that this development is a 'done deal'.


Anonymous said...

Who is the registered land owner of the site according to the land registry?

Anonymous said...

I am so upset by this obvious PROFIT before PEOPLE.
Why can't they turn the old Library building into a lovely and unique museum instead of knocking it down and building the eyesore they plan ? Obviously because they won't make as much MONEY!!!!
Who on earth really believes "it will engage with the high street" it will stick out like a sore thumb.

The Local Don said...

The Council have run Willesden Green as a whole into the ground by way of neglect, and are now seeking to take advantage of this 'opportunity' by demolishing and profiting on something its employers (us) don't want.

It's a similar process the Bankers did to Europe, in Greece especially. The banks run the country into the ground then came in hoovering up the assets for literally nothing. The banks then bring in the corporations to exploit the countries resources.

Willesden Green library is an asset to the area as is the history. The Council were given Gladstone House years ago, all they had to do was maintain it - no, they couldn't even do that so they had it demolished.

The land under Willesden Green library is offered up by the council to the developer, the same council will approve the developers plans on the very same land they gave away. It's almost as if the developer is a subsidiary of The London borough of Brent.

The high street shops can be 'regenerated' if the council really wanted to do it.

Have any of you ever wondered where all your council tax and business rate money goes? It sure doesn't go into your high street and if you think it does, then take a look around Willesden Green next time you're in town.

Anonymous said...

How could it make the high street any worse than it is? There is nothing but chicken shops and bookies. Willesden needs an injection of new energy and life.

The Local Don said...

The only injection Willesden Green needs is people to start demanding value for all this council tax and business rates they're currently paying.

They put business rates and parking charges up while limiting the number of parking spaces for you to park.

They increase your parking permit charges while decreasing the hours of operation.

They freeze your council tax while cutting how many times your bins will be collected and introduce another just to keep you busy.

The people of Brent actually work for the council. The income you generate is taxed by way of monthly payments you willingly make to the council. The council cannot function without your contributions.

The Local Don said...

It's a crazy mathematical system that no matter what way I look at it now, I can't see how paying council tax benefits anyone other than those working within Brent Councils pay structure, including councillors who accept a basic salary for starters.

It really is all about you having to raise the money first and using that money to pay council tax or fear the repercussions of not paying it.