Thursday, 1 March 2012

Early Spring in Fryent Country Park

Warm sunshine and a gentle breeze accompanied me on a walk in Fryent Country Park this afternoon. The sound of woodpeckers' tapping resounded across the woods and blue tits, green finches, great tits, robins and long tailed tits flitted busily and tunefully through the hedgerows.

A heron hunting frogs scolded me noisily when I disturbed it at one of the many ponds. The first blackthorns had burst into flower.

As I walked I overheard a woman remarking to her companion, "I just so love this park!"  Once again I gave silent thanks to those councillors from Wembley Borough and Middlesex County Council who preserved this wonderful place for future generations.

Blackthorn (sloes)
Blackthorn blossom
Frogs (spot their white throats) and frog spawn

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