Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jenny Jones explains her policies to BBC London panel

Follow this LINK to see a confident appearance by Green Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones. So refreshing after the three male candidates.


Anonymous said...

It's not fair to prejudge but my expectations if jenny jones wins the london mayor contest are rather low...why?
well because politicians no matter what party they belong to tend to all turn out to be the same...they say whatever it takes to win trust and votes and then tend to go back on promises once they get their hands on the purse strings...of course I hope JJ will prove to be the exception...a female version of george galloway...but I'm not raising my hopes...

The Local Don said...

Economy = controlled by the Banks.

Policing = The more you talk about how to make people feel safe, the more you're making them feel unsafe.

Going green is the future and means you'll be using less energy and having to pay more money.

The Local Don.

trevor said...

you don't give much reason for optimism but then again you were just being realistic...seeing things the way they really are...and when you consider the mess the bankers have made and when you have policemen who are meant to be upholding the law are actually recorded breaking the law by racially abusing a member of the public, is there any reason for anything but Pessimism?
as for going green?
I think a green way of living was always the best option but thanks to our democratically elected members of parliment they obviously know better and that is why Britain's filthy air kills 50,000 people a year – more than obesity, passive smoking or traffic accidents, a damning report by MPs has said.

don please continue to be a realist.

The Local Don said...

The banks funded peoples greed, and then recalled the debt when they couldn't afford to pay it back to them (+interest per agreement) They socially engineered people into their own faith that they're having to live with today.

When a police person writes you a ticket, they become a revenue officer. This money goes to the banks who fund schemes such as speed cameras. You need to remember that the Government borrows from the Bank of England, not the other way round. All schemes such as speed cameras are bank rolled in return for a share of profits.

The more points on your license means the more you'll be quoted +the 20% VAT.

Going green is just lifestyle 'choice' that will end up wiping out your never increasing wages. When it comes to global warming, its important to know that places like Green land are called Green land for a reason. How many pictures of melting icecaps have you seen taken in winter months? or do they only show you the melting icecaps in summer?

Democracy is demonstrated perfectly in the recent Dollis Hill election. Alison Hopkins was elected on a minority vote turnout of 30% meaning the majority of 70% have to do everything the 30% want.

When it comes to air quality, Brent Council has something called 'air management' (CPZ) its a smoke screen to charge people more for bigger engines. This might sound all fair and well, but some areas in Brent don't have CPZ and therefore no air management. Are those residents not entitled to 'air management'? It's all money and nothing else.

The Local Don.

Trevor said...

Thank you...I really enjoy reading your posts.
you made some interesting points that have given me food 4 thought.
4 example I didn't know that the banks are closely linked to the government and that they have a cosy little set going even though It's obviously been going wrong for a long time.
the last point about clean air really touches my heart because living in wembley I have noticed that on a sunny day and if I stand at the bus stop for example opposite lidl on blackbird hill, and I look down the road I can see mist in the air...and even by the time I get to kensal green its still the same...I can't help thinking that it is a sign of pollution caused by the amount of cars that pass up and down day and night?
and if that isn't bad enough The pavements increasingly relect not just something we all walk on but a makeshift ashtray!
yes don, there is a never end trail of cigarette stubs everywhere and it looks bad.
also you have the empty cigarette packets that people drop onto the pavement and there is no excuse for it because it's not as if these people don't know what a dustbin is?
it's just that they don't care.
and I think the challenge is to find a way to inspire them to start caring not just about their health but the enviroment too.
afterall this is our home...we really ought to take better care of it...