Sunday 1 April 2012

Navin Shah backs retention of Old Willesden Library

Close behind Ken Livingstone's distancing from Brent Labour's library closures the Labour AM for Brent and Harrow, Navin Shah, has told a constituent that he favours the retention of the Old Willesden Library on local heritage grounds:
With regards to Willesden Green Library, as an architect by trade I feel preserving Willesden Green Library is extremely important. In Harrow, I have fought long campaigns to keep locally listed buildings and am on the board of Harrow Heritage Trust, which take matters such as these extremely seriously. I want to keep Willesden Green Library building and am actively pursuing this issue.
Shah's full statement can be read on the Keep Willesden Green blog HERE

1 comment:

The Local Don said...

Navin Shah should contact and put all this on film.

How many of the 63 local councillors have recorded a piece for the record against the development/demolition?

Why do Brent Council planners not want to appear on film discussing this development?

I'd like to see the Mayor of Brent on film commenting on the library development and demolition proposal of the 1894 building.

The Local Don.