Wednesday 18 April 2012

More primary schools to get bigger

The Brent Executive is will approve the expansion of three Brent Primary schools on Monday.

Barham Primary in Wembley will expand one form of entry, moving from a total of 630 pupils Reception to Year 6 to 840 at a cost of £4.8m.

Fryent Primary in Kingsbury  will double in size from 420 to 840 pupils at a cost of £8.3m

Michell Brook Primary in Neasden will expand from 420 places to 630 at a cost of £3.8m

Brent Council says all three are 'popular and high performing schools'.

A decision on the expansion of Furness in Harlesden has been postponed until a new headteacher has been appointed.

It is not clear from the documentation whether the amount of outdoor play space has been reduced as a result, noting only that it has been 'reconfigured'.

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