Saturday 7 April 2012

Jenny Jones 'breath of fresh air"

"Jenny Jones, the Green party mayoral candidate for London, came out of the first hustings in the election campaign on Tuesday smelling of roses, or daffodils, or some other kind of green and verdant plant.
While Boris and Ken blustered and argued the toss over figures and tax affairs, Jones came across as the voice of calm - and Twitter certainly seemed to find her a breath of fresh air."
 For more of the Huffington Post interview with Jenny Jones follow this LINK


trevor said...

Breathing fresh air Is impossible.
just as previous generations came and made a mess of our home, this generation have proved to be the same.
air pollution in 17th century london was a serious problem proving that lessons have yet to be learned.
also if you consider that for the past 122 years there has been scandals involving mp's and they have virtually all been linked to greed.
so if air pollution has been a problem in london alone from the 17th century, and scandals involving greedy mps have been happening since the 1890s to the present, that suggests to me that lessons have not been learned and there is a negative pattern that is being followed by each's like to talk the talk but they rarely walk it...

The Local Don said...

In Brent they have a CPZ system thats referred to as 'air management' This 'air management' is only managed during parking operating times. It's just a smoke screen to charge more, for whatever is already overpriced.

Read APOCA's CPZ application. It states purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking space, and everyone still queues up.
When everyone is signed up, APOCA reduce parking operating times which reduce your chance even further of getting a parking space. The reduction of parking operating hours allows APOCA to reduce is staff levels and therefore increase its profits. I can't stress it enough, reducing parking operating hours does not benefit you if you have a parking permit. I hear so many ignorant people say that reducing parking hours and days is good for free parking. Those who'll park for free are taking up the valuable spaces you paid for.

It's laughable when you think about it.

The Local Don.