Tuesday 17 April 2012

Jenny Jones gets Wembley talking about the need for change

With Jenny Jones in Wembley High Road this morning
Despite the April showers (normal seasonal weather at last!) Jenny Jones got a warm reception when she campaigned in Wembley High Road this morning. Many locals recognised her from recent TV appearances and were keen to stop and tell what they think about local and London issues.

Two parents of former pupils of mine stopped to say, 'We must get rid of this government. They have no idea of how people like us live. They are doing so much damage'.  Younger people wanted to talk about the EMA and tuition fees and the cloud hanging over their futures.

Among the reporters and cameramen there were a team from BBC London News and Jenny (and Wembley) will be on that tomorrow evening at 6pm.

Our Green mayoral candidate was particularly keen to talk about the environment and how she  wants to make London lead the word in addressing climate change, reducing waste and securing a shared future.

She promised to help Londoners in four key areas:
  • Making sure food waste is collected on a weekly basis
  • Working with boroughs and central government to make sure all Londoners canm recycle in the same way
  • Working with central government to ban carrier bags. reduce unnecessary packaging and use more recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • Rolling out the RE:NEW home insulation programme to over a million homes
  • Expand the RE:FIT workplace refurbishment programme to cover small and medium sized businesses


The Local Don said...

The going green agenda globally is interesting with those pulling the strings claiming its a $50bn industry. I thought its about saving the planet?

The Local Don.

Trevor said...

going green has always been a responsiblity that has been ignored and we are paying the price.
by the time we all start taking it seriously it will be too late...

The Local Don. said...

We all have a life expectancy, so whens too late?

Global warming is like the Easter bunny.

The Local Don.