Thursday 12 April 2012

Brent gets £30.9m for additional school places

Brent Council is due to get the largest share of the £600m allocated in the autumn statement for provision of additional school places. London gets the bulk of the money because it faces the greatest pressure.

Brent gets £30.9m for 2012-13 which will be very welcome but it will need to be spent wisely.  I am now hearing quite a few reservations about recent school expansions and the resultant loss of play space and other amenities such as assembly halls and school libraries. There is also concern that 'super' primaries of 800 plus pupils while providing additional places, are not conducive to the family centred primary school ethos.

What would be best in my view is construction of new local authority community schools in the areas of greatest need but it is unclear whether the Council will feel able to do this in the face of government pressure for new schools to be academies of free schools.

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Shortly after I posted this I read Camden councillor Mike Katz's letter in this week's  Brent and Kilburn Times. Headed 'New primary school needed to tackle places shortage' he says that bulge classes are a short-term fix and what is needed, in Camden's case. a new school: 'Labour will continue to back parents and ensure the council delivers on its aspiration of a new school for NW6'.

Let's see similar aspirations for Brent. What news is there of a possible new primary school in Fulton Road, Wembley? 

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