Sunday 15 April 2012

I snogged Ken 20 years ago but I've gone off him now...

It's funny the comments you get when campaigning.  The one above  came from a woman at Kensal Green station last week who had been put off by the male boorishness of both Livingstone and Johnson.  We went on to sensibly discuss the merits of Jenny Jones as a possible deputy mayor to Ken Livingstone.   People vote for all sorts of reasons but the mayoral contest does seem to keep coming back to personalities rather than policies.

The candidate's personal foibles can become an issue.  My mother was keen on Ken as a 'good old Londoner' and  had  a signed photograph of him on her bookcase but she went  'off him' for six months or so when he suggested 'If it's yellow let it mellow - if it's brown flush it down' as part of a campaign to save water! 'Disgusting man!'

Speaking to people last week Jenny does seem to be making progress as people get bored and irritated by the other two and she is seen as being sensible and constructive in contrast. Her intervention on candidates' income tax has won many accolades and generally she is seen as having cut through Boris's bluster with cool facts and observations a number of times.

Jenny is expected to be in Wembley on Wednesday of next week. Do come and talk to her if you can. Full details when I have them.

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