Thursday 26 April 2012

Jenny Jones back in top three Mayoral candidates

Jenny Jones is again polling third in the London Mayoral elections, according to Comres figures released this morning.

The Green Party candidate received a total of 6% of the vote in the poll, behind front-runners Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.

Jones said: “The Mayoral contest is still open and I’m pleased we are being counted in the top three parties this year.

“Polling is of course volatile, unpredictable and often unreliable, but I’m pleased that this election gives the Green Party an opportunity to provide an alternative vision to the Punch and Judy politics that have dominated the race—and British politics in general.

“We’re showing ourselves to be the only party willing to stand up for the people of London, their health and their homes, the principles of equality and fairness and helping to ensure London leads the way on the environment and the economy.

“This election is not just about who becomes Mayor. The most important decision Londoners can make next week is to vote Green on the Assembly to ensure whoever becomes Mayor is held to account and City Hall can build a better London for all.”

The results can be found HERE  (table 5)

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