Wednesday 4 April 2012

Lib Dem mystery in Barnhill by-election

There is no Lib Dem candidate listed for the Barnhill By-election according to Brent Council's website. I will be standing for the Greens, Michael Pavery for Labour and Ratna Pindora for the Conservatives.  There is another candidate named Venilal Vaglela with no party or other description. Vaglela stood as a Conservative candidate in Queensbury ward  in 2002 which Labour won.

Unless Venilal has made a clandestine switch to the Lib Dems this means there is no Lib Dem candidate for the seat which Labour unexpectedly won from the Conservatives in 2010.

In Dollis Hill some reckoned that tactical voting by Tories for the Lib Dems enabled Alison Hopkins to win. The Tory candidate's voted was slashed. Lib Dems won 16% of the vote in Barnhill in 2010 with Labour only 10% ahead of the Conservatives at 44%.  Where those 16% of votes go will be of crucial importance.

Cllr Krupesh Hirani has  tweeted that this may be a Lib Dem tactic to help their Coalition partners but two Tory candidates (or one current and one ex-Tory)  looks like a shot in the foot.


The Local Don said...

Alison Hopkins got elected on a minority-voter turnout of 30%. This means the majority 70% have to go along with everything Alison Hopkins will not do for Dollis Hill. Democracy? lol

Cllr Krupesh Hirani is one to talk about tactics. He will tell you everything other than what you need to know to protect his council colleagues. Contact Cllr Krupesh Hirani and ask has he ever covered for a member of the council - don't expect a reply.

The Local Don.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion it’s a strategic decision by the Lib Dems. In February 2011 Kenton ward By-election Lib Dems only polled 179 and came 4th whereas Independent (Robert Dunwell) came 3rd.
I think they do not want this to happen in Barnhill ward so must have decided in order to avoid bad publicity its better not to put any candidate as they see no chance of winning the seat. They do not want to be be at No 4 again.

John Detre said...

The Conservative candidate is Kanta Pindoria.
Anyone who cares about the shocking policy of closing our libraries should vote for Kanta to show Labour that people will not tolerate their attitude of ignoring the views of residents. The closures are political given that they found £.5m for ward working.

Martin Francis said...

Even better vote for Martin Francis, the Green candidate, who has been consistently fighting against library closures as a search of this blog will show.

A Green win will be much more of a shock to Labour than a Conservative creeping back in.

John Detre said...

Martin Have you done a deal with Labour in advance of the election same as Jenny Jones has with Ken?

Martin Francis said...

With Brent Labour?! Not on your Nelly, John. See my 7 questions for Michael Pavey:

I reckon I've been doing more to oppose the Labour Council as an activist than all the Tory Councillors put together!

John Detre said...

Martin They are good questions. Which of those reflect Green policies?
Apart from the closure of libraries are there any other?

Anonymous said...

John Detre when Conservatives were in the bed with Lib Dems on Brent Council(2006-2010) what they did with Stag Lane Library?

What the hell Kanta Pindoria can do if she wins? Apart from Cllr Reg Colwill who is active the rest are characters of Dad's Army.