Tuesday 24 April 2012

Leafleting licence a 'daft idea'

Pete Murry, concerned about the Council's leafleting proposals, wrote to his councillors. Here are the responses received so far:
I too agree this is a daft idea and can't understand the logic behind this.  
I have not read the full report on this, but initial thoughts based on the below information is how do they intend to enforce this, if someone distributes leaflets? Are they going to police shopping areas like Neasden and issue on the spot fines? Surely this will cost more than what they intend to receive. 
This is not a sensible idea and I have never heard of anything like this before. I hope the 10 Labour Executive members who make the decision use common sense and not pass this proposal. 
Javaid Ashraf
Can I make it very clear that this is not a proposal which has been made by any of the councillors for Dollis Hill.
The proposals are contained in a report which is being put forward by officers to the Executive of Brent Council. Like you, I was unaware of it until I read the report in the Times. The Executive is led by Cllr Ann John and has nine other Labour members.
I share your concern, as I too have campaigned publicly on many occasions, including on behalf of the Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross and the Save our Six Libraries campaign. Whilst I am sure we all wish to discourage litter, the fact that the order does not seem to exclude such campaigns is disturbing.
I understand that there will be a consultation period.  I believe you may also be able to speak at the meeting, by contacting Anne Reid. Full details here: http://democracy.brent.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=123&MId=1573
As and when I get more information on this, I will contact you again,
best regards,
Cllr. Alison Hopkins
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dollis Hill


The Local Don said...

Javaid Ashraf agrees this is a bad idea before reading the whole report. The next time you write to Javaid Ashraf and he comes to a conclusion you disagree with, write to him again asking did he read all your letter before coming to that conclusion.

Alison Hopkins opens her speech by distancing all Dollis Hill councillors from this proposal and lets you all know what you can do about it.

What are all three Dollis Hill councillors going to do about it? Lets see all three councillors take on their employers administration.

Alison Hopkins and Javaid Ashraf both get their information from The Times, perhaps they can give a statement on Sarah Teather not applying for planning permission that appeared in last weeks Times.


The Local Don.

Trevor said...

I Tend to agree that it is a daft Idea...but we need to remember that the country is is a mess finacially and therefore it is to be expected for councils that are cash strapped to start resorting to introducing daft Ideas in order to bring in much needed cash.

The Local Don. said...

The world is in a mess, and not just financially.

Brent Council will start with leafleting and move it forward towards a direction that least benefits you.

The Local Don.

Anonymous said...

It irritates me how the Lib Dem's oppose for opposition's sake! No substance

The Local Don. said...

Can't have a game without an opponent. This game just happens affect peoples lives and Brent Councillors get paid to play.

The Local Don.