Wednesday 18 April 2012

Will Brent Council dismiss thousands more petitioners?

The Keep Willesden Green Campaign will present a petition of more than 3,500 names to the Brent Executive on Monday calling on them to Stop, Listen and Reflect on the Willesden Green Library redevelopment.

Supporters of the petition should arrive at the Town Hall around 6.45pm and bring banners and placards to persuade the wholly Labour Executive to act on this petition which is the third on the issue.

At present the Council has not tabled a report for the Executive dealing with the issues raised by the petitioners.

The petition consists of 331 names on the e-petiiton, 3,108 on the paper version and 170 names from Queens Park Community School.

Keep Willesden Green supporters will also be at the Willesden area Forum this evening where the redevelopment is on the agenda. The Forum starts at 7pm at the College of North West London, Denzil Road.

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The Local Don said...

Will Brent Council dismiss thousands more petitioners?

Yes, for a third time.

Look on the bright side, in 13 days you'll volunteer your next Council Tax contribution. It was a good idea signing up to direct debit for these payments, because your so busy campaigning against Brent Council to retain the 1894 building (they want to demolish) you might have missed the deadline to pay them.

Stop, listen and reflect people.

The Local Don.