Sunday 29 April 2012

Missing, presumed losing...Brent Lib Dems

I asked nearly  month again why the Liberal Democrats were not standing in the Barnhill by-election. This week they broke their silence telling the Brent and Kilburn Times that they did not stand in order to focus their efforts on the London Assembly and Mayoral elections.

Strangely enough I haven't received any leaflets from them on the GLA and Mayoral election. It has been refreshing to fight a by-election without a plethora of Lib Dem leaflets  and their often misleading presentation. The candidates in the Barnhill by-election have been straightforward with more of a focus on policies.

 I suspect that the Lib Dem leadership recognise that in Alison Hopkins in Dollis Hill they had an exceptional candidate with deep local roots and connections but who nonetheless had a narrow win. They have retained Cllr Rev David Clues in Dudden Hill despite his move to Brighton, thus avoiding putting a Lib Dem seat at risk.

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Trevor said...

I am just about sick and Tired of you really all make me sick...I can tell you here and now that you will never EVER GET MY SUPPORT...I have lived long enough and suffered long enough under you hypocrites to finaly figure out what you are all about...It really does not matter who is running the country...all of you have done your bit to make the country worse rather than better.
It is in vain that you all keep wasting your time
trying to win the trust and support of the people
that are currently being mistreated in so many ways by the hypocrites currently in power.
You make me SICK...