Monday 23 April 2012

The Tale of Two Tories

Certainly the most colourful by- election leaflet
I bumped into Venilal Vaghela the former Conservative council election candidate who is standing as an independent yesterday.

We chatted about interests that we have in common (he is a member of Brent Sustainability Forum) and then turned to the reasons he is standing against the official Conservative candidate in what could be seen as a marginal ward.

Although his leaflet says he is 'fed up' with the Labour Council he told me that he is also fed up with Brent Tories. Apart from neglecting Barnhill ward, which they should have been nursing as they held it prior to 2010, ("It used to be ours") he also blames them for ineffectual leadership, failure to turn up at crucial meetings and community events, and incoherent contributions to Council debates - with the possible exception of Reg Colwill.

Vaghela is campaigning on issues such as too many shops selling alcohol, too many betting shops and the need for a crematorium in the borough.

I have not met the official Conservative candidate whilst canvassing yet, but it is a big ward so that is understandable. I hope to meet her so that she can tell me what she thinks about Venilal's  candidature. have seen many of her leaflets rain sodden on the pavement and in the front gardens of the ward - I am not sure if the new powers Brent is seeking means that it could force her to pick them all up!


Anonymous said...

Huge outcry against the crematorium last time it was mooted. The Welsh Harp open space at the end of Birchen Grove was NOT the place for it, even if it is still consecrated land.

John Detre said...

It will be intersting to see who gets more votes the Independent or Greens. Any bets?

Martin Francis said...

In deference to Venilal's opposition to betting shops and alcohol I won't take you on - but 'interesting' it will certainly be. Even more interesting is what will happen to the Lib Dem votes and the 'official' Tory candidate.