Wednesday 25 April 2012

Scrubs Lane fire adds to Brent's air pollution

Local people were advised to to keep doors and windows closed yesterday to keep out toxic fumes and smoke after a scrap metal recycling facility caught fire in Scrubs Lane. As well as the metal itself the scrap also contained oil.

The fire highlights the potential problems involved in having so many scrap and recycling sites in Brent with several around Neasden and Park Royal. The Green Party is currently campaigning on the issue of air quality in London.

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Trevor said...

accidents unfortunatly do happen...but as the writer of this thread correctly pointed out,the more scrap and recycling sites we have in brent, makes the chances of a similar accident happening again more than likely.
and of course the more such accidents happen, the more it adds to the air pollution problem.
I really think it is high time we started taking far better care of our home...yes I think we need to be reminded that the planet is our home, and if we treat it like we each other for example, it wont be too long before it ends up in a very bad state.
yes the sad and shameful reality is that just as we pollute our own home...whether knowingly or out of ignorance, we also teach our fellow inhabitants to pollute themselves with things like tobacco...causing many people to end up dying from things like lung and throat cancer...and the amazing thing is that even when we know we have corrupted our fellow inhabitants to abuse and pollute themselves, and even after endless people dying from it, we still carry on filling shop shelves with more cigarettes.
that suggests to me that we have become hardened beyond belief, and show more concern for money than each other.
I know that people individually make the choice to start polluting their bodies with tobacco, but if we who supply them with the means to pollute and ruin their own health,continue to do so after many have taken up the habit, that suggests to me again that we have become hardened and insensitive to we and the public are doing to themselves.
this is why I have no faith at all in the political process because the very ones that take up the authority of government, misuse it...causing the very people they should be protecting to go astray.
yes, regardless of one's age, we need good and truly responsible caring government and local authorities that will make decisions that are in the best interests of the people they are meant to be serving and the country we live in.
it is not in the best interests of the public or the country to allow them to go astray by means of tobacco.
this idea of putting money before everything else has been a disaster.
and just as we should be protecting our home the planet, we should inspire our fellow inhabitants to protect themselves.
and that means avoiding starting the habit of health destroying like smoking.
I have no faith in andrew lansley...I mean a man that decides that the way to discourage people from smoking is to force shops to put up shutters over the death dealing things.
what good will that do?
I still observe people going into shops and asking for packs of cigarretes.
as long as people know where to go to get them they will keep going back day after look at the way the government make the police deal with drug dealer dens...they don't say oh put up they make them raid the dens and destroy the drugs...that is the right way to deal with greed driven drug dealers...but when you take a half hearted approach to a serious problem like wont do anything to bring it to an end...but of course that is only because the tobacco business is serving the interests of the the government protect them....and when that is the sad reality, noone can condemn me for having no faith in politics.
the day politicians start making decisions that are not based on making money...that will be the day things start to change for the better.
but I cannot see that happenning anytime soon.
I mean the current mp's are once again caught up in scandals and being accused of wrongdoing...tell where is there basis for confidence in politics?