Thursday 5 April 2012

Majority reject Willesden Green plans in Remarkable Consultation

The 'Keep Willesden Green Campaign' have just released the results of the Galliford Try-Brent Council consultation on the Willesden Green Library Regeneration which was managed by Remarkable PR.

The result, coming as it does on top of Labour AM Navin Shah's support for the retention of the historic Old Willesden Green Library building is indeed 'remarkable'.

Remarkable PR had 220 responses to the public consultation (both on line and on paper). The breakdown was:

Supporters of the scheme  15
Partial supporters              24
Undecided                        10
Objections                       171

Remarkable will be contacting the people who took part in the 50 1:1 consultations with revised plans but these are not expected to include the retention of the old Willesden Green Library building.  These meetings are likely to take place the week after next. A revised flyer will also be sent to residents.

1 comment:

The Local Don said...

STOP protesting and START rejecting.

Protest is acceptance legally. Go to one of the few libraries Brent Council hasn't closed and look it up, or contact Brent Councils legal department and ask them.

The Local Don.