Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kensal Rise issue challenge to Cllr Butt

Kensal Rise community library campaigners have sent this message to Muhammed Butt:

Dear Cllr Butt,

Perhaps after the action early this morning you might like to join us this afternoon at 3.30 at the library?

You might like to explain to residents in this community the reasons for the action you have taken.

That is, if you are still serious about 'engaging' with us.

We are somewhat baffled about why you would choose to do what you have done.
Did you not say the tables and chairs and more importantly the murals that were painted specifically for our library could remain? Along with all the plaques and photos commemorating the opening of the library by Mark Twain.

Regards and hopefully see you at 3.30.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps ask Barry Gardiner to come too.

The Local Don. said...

Who were the contractors that carried out this work for Brent Council?

The Local Don.

The Local Don. said...


"Cllr James Powney, Brent Council’s lead member for environment and neighbourhood, who oversaw the closures told the Times the removal was agreed on the advice of the police"

Why would the police advise on such a move? Who from Brent Council did they advise on this tactic?

Did the contractors who stripped the building tender for this 'contract'

The Local Don.

Anonymous said...

Now, why does the 'Dawn Raid' on the Kensal Rise Library not surprise me?

Brent Council consists of a collection of bullies. A thirst for power, obstructive behaviour and blatent bullying members of the community on a day to day basis, goes unchecked!

How many people have received a Council Tax letter from the Council, giving 7 days to pay and the letter arrived after the deadline date? This then gives them free reign to cancel your installments and levy you with Court Costs, Baliffs (legalized thugs) etc. However, if they owe you money you will wait weeks, months or even years to get paid. What is going on? Bullying? They use my council tax money, to pay their employees to bully me into submission?

Council employees are using their 'opinions' to make decisions that affect peoples lives and not following their own guidlines or statutory legislation. They sneakily cut the Law Centre's funding and any other organisation who can advocate or present a legal challenge, then roll out the cuts!! But, there is no comback on them. And even if you complain, it goes noplace. While you are paying for their mistakes and wasting your precious time. Cllr Butt has his work cut out for him... council officers do what they want not what he wants. Thats obvious from the Kensal Rise Library situation. Watch this space!

Look at Willesden Green Library. Is there any members of the community who actually supports this re-developed? Who would build a house then pull it down 20 years later because the house is not fit for purpose? I dont think so! I certainly have not met one person who wants this building destroyed. It cost us to build it 20 years ago.

I think we need to look carefully and see 'who' in the council is benefitting from this development? What Council Officers are justifying their jobs with this development? Whose portfolio is being enchanced?

The current administration is not representating the people. A major investigation needs to be made into the actions of the entire Council. Thankfully we have a local paper The Willesden & Brent Times and their excellent reporters who continually uncover their 'dirty tricks'.

We all need to do more. Complain more. Then when it hits a brick wall, (as it will) tell the papers. This council should be renamed 'Bully Council'.

The Local Don. said...

It's refreshing to read such a post.

The Local Don.