Friday 8 June 2012

Commons Act application for a Willesden Town Green

Parachute games in the open space last May
Relaxing on the proposed Town Green last weekend
An application has been made to register the open space outside the Willesden Green Library as a 'Town Green'. This has been done under the Commons Act 2006 and involves demonstrating that the space has been used for sports and lawful pastimes for the last 20 years.

The space will be lost if the proposed Willesden Green Redevelopment goes ahead.

Meanwhile on-line comments so far on the development application by Galliford Tri have been overwhelmingly critical. Campaigners will be out at the library again this Saturday and welcome support from local residents.

Comments on the planning application cane be see on the Keep Willesden Green blog: HERE and HERE

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The Local Don. said...

The comments on the planning application from 'impartial' local politicians are interesting.

Just imagine you took time writing an opposing view to your representatives view. That time and effort was wasted.

The Local Don.