Tuesday 14 August 2012

Council leader agrees to meet with Keep Willesden Green

In an e-mail received today, Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, has agreed to meet with Keep Willesden Green to discuss the 'on-going process'.

He stated: 
As you will be aware, following concerns raised by residents, Galliford Try are going through another consultation process before resubmitting their proposals. This consultation process will be lengthy and thorough, and comes on top of the statutory consultation process they will undertake at a later stage. The fact that they are consulting again and will be resubmitting their plans, because of residents’ concerns, demonstrates that we are thoroughly committed to open and transparent decision making, and in particular are focused on ensuring that communities get a full say on what happens in their local communities

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Martin Redston said...

Will Cllr Butt discuss the 'secret 95 flats' on the car parking area, together with the loss of 40% of the library footprint which will be required to squeeze them all in? For those of you that have not really been shown the full plans and have been offered a glimpse of truncated site layouts and the latest false perspective view of the proposed library/council office block, let me recommend that you stand outside the door of the Brent Artists Gallery and consider that everything behind you towards the car park will become open space and private flats, with underground car park! No Library!