Thursday 9 August 2012

Stink over Wembley Olympics

We were warned  that clearing the problem at Seneca's Hannah Close Materials Recycling Facility may result in the smell worsening for a short time and that was certainly true this evening.

Olympic passengers on the Jubilee line train I was travelling on sniffed the air as we left Neasden and started giving each other surreptitious  funny looks.  Noses were screwed up, eye brows raised and faces pulled as it dawned on them that perhaps it wasn't a single anti-social individual causing the stink.

Perhaps the driver should have made a public announcement to pre-empt any misunderstandings!

Seneca and parent company were given until tomorrow (Friday) by the Environment Agency to deal with the source of the putrid smell.

1 comment:

Trevor said...

to me the worse smell comes from 10 downing street and the houses of parliament.
and any place occupied by politicians...the stench they cause makes the smell from seneca smell like roses.