Saturday 18 August 2012

Fare hike makes no economic sense - London Greens

The London Green Party has said that the rail fare hike is the latest evidence that ministers are out of touch with the lives of people struggling to make ends meet.
London Greens pointed out that commuters will have to fork out at least £132 extra for an annual travel card for Zones 1-6. They said that Londoners will be particularly hard hit by the increases, given the money that many spend on commuting.
The government say that many fares will rise by 6.2% in January - almost double the rate of inflation - and some fares could be higher still.
This would see a one-day travelcard for Zones 1-3 rise from £10.60 to £11.26. A single peak ticket from Zone 6 to Zone 1, on Oyster pay-as-you-go, would rise from £6.90 to £7.32.
Noel Lynch, co-ordinator of the London Federation of Green Parties, said:
Once again, Tory and LibDem ministers have shown they are out of touch with the lives of people who are struggling to make ends meet. With unemployment going up and living costs rising, this fare hike makes no economic sense. Londoners will be hit hard as they travel to work.
The relatively smooth running of most of London's public transport during the Olympics shows that efficient railways are a real possibility. But money is going into profits, not invested in decent trains and track. Let's take our railways back into public ownership and run them for people, not profit.

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trevor said...

when was the last Time any of us saw wild bears walking into asda supermarket to do their weekly shopping?
if that ever happened it would make not just headline news but it would frighten many people too because people in general know that bears are by nature when threatened or feel threatened very aggressive and can do serious injury.
whereas humans created in god's image although are known to also be aggressive, in general are approachable and gentle
but politicians although human are nevertheless a different type of animal.
they are well known for their senseless ideas and policies and for creating tension and stress.
they are the ones for example that gave their consent for cigarettes to be produced and sold to the public in return for money.
now most people know that smoking is a very unnatural and seriously harmful habit and yet these politicians give their consent for it to become a widespread habit.
and even though 1000s of people every year in this country die from lung cancer, all the politicians do is force people to harm themselves out on the pavements and force the people behind the death dealing habit to put smoking kills on the front of every pack of cigarettes.
this is meant to be a Christian country right?
aren't Christians meant to love their neighbors?
over the decades haven't politicians shown more love for money than the people they are meant to be serving?
and yet for all their obsession with money look at the mess the economy is in.
so if they mess up the economy should we not expect them to also mess up the people too?
to expect politicians to show economic sense is like expecting Satan the devil to have told eve to trust in god and not eat fruit from the forbidden tree.
just as he was wicked, politicians are wicked too and I hope I will live long enough to see the day when they will pay for all the wrongs they have done while on whole hypocritically claiming to be Christians.
Trust me people if we ever had a Christian Government in this country we would notice by their policies because they would put Christian principles ahead of profit.
whereas the hypocrite Governments of Britain always put profit ahead of principle and then wonder why things just go from bad to worse.
we deserve so much better.