Saturday 4 August 2012

Ealing Council shows Brent the way on hospitals campaign

There is an e-petition on the Brent Council website calling on the council to do 'all in its power' to oppose the plans for the reorganisation of hospital services in the area, including the closure of Central Middlesex A&E. The petition can be signed HERE

If any Brent councillors need help with ideas on how a local council can get behind the campaign they should look on the Ealing Council site where there is a Save Our Hospitals page

It includes campaign materials for the public to use:

Campaign materials

On this page you can download various materials to help you show your support and take part in the campaign to save our local hospitals.
  • A pre-prepared letter (word) that you can print and send to the NHS medical director responsible for the proposals (no stamp required)
  • Poster (pdf) and banner (pdf) that can be downloaded for you to display in your window
  • A pre-prepared letter (word) to send to your own GP
  • Download copies of the petition leaflet (pdf) which you can use to obtain signatures of your family, friends or neighbours if they are unable to complete the petition online. This can be returned using the Freepost address on the leaflet.
  • You can also download a separate petition form (pdf) if you want to get more actively involved in the campaign and obtain signatures for our petition more widely from within your community.
  • A map (pdf) of the hospitals affected by the proposed closures.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But why should councillors get behind such a campaign?

If they want their constituents to receive the best medical care and clinical outcomes, they should let the smaller A&E departments close.

There are portable small hospitals nowadays, called ambulences, and the journeys to bigger, better-equipped hospital will save lives.