Friday 14 September 2012

Join Save Central Middlesex A&E March on Saturday

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Trevor said...

I say that as long as we live in a Britain in which it is acceptable to Create serious Health problems such as lung and Throat cancer simply cause we have deluded ourselves into believing that profit comes before principle then I say that what the apostle Paul fore warned about the times we actually now live and suffer in as critical and hard to deal with has come true.
he said times will be critical and hard to deal with for many reasons and some of them being them men will be lovers of money and lovers of themselves.
and if you think about it if you have a human society in which the very ones governing the nation actually give their approval of things that actually creates serious problems such as tobacco addiction which then causes serious health problems such as lung and throat cancer which then causes 1000s of people to die every year, does that not give clear evidence of a political set up which is utterly corrupt and motivated by greed?
should we then expect those same hypocrites that have created the stressful and corrupt society that we now suffer and live in to show concern about our hospitals?