Wednesday 5 September 2012

Gove must go

From Guardian letters:

It's a shame David Cameron did not sack Michael Gove as education secretary. Cameron has complained about "dithering" in his government. Gove's response to the alarming shortage of primary school places is a case in point. We need 500,000 new school places by 2015. Gove's free-school programme will perhaps deliver 20,000. It is also costly and, in some cases, wasteful. Gove is so hidebound by ideology – the privatisation of education – that he cannot rise to the challenge. If we are to restore faith in our education system, Gove must go.

Alasdair Smith
Anti Academies Alliance


trevor said...

I think they are all fit for dumping...we deserve so much better than to be ruled to ruin by these expert incompetants.

Trevor said...

of course Gove must go...Just as Rubbish belongs in dustbins...Expert Incompetents need to be swept up and disposed of properly.
Enough Time has passed for people to recognize that politicians like Gove are Ideologically Motivated and Ideology Motivated Politicians only cause Problems rather than solve them.
as for Cameron Complaining about Dithering?
are we meant to believe he is a serious Politician that is only interested in doing a job properly?
even Laurel and Hardy made a success as serious comedians than these two unfunny unsuccessful "serious politicians"