Wednesday 5 September 2012

Teather: My priority is to represent my constituents

Sarah Teather has issued the following statement after losing her job in the reshuffle to fellow Lib Dem and preciously disgraced colleague, David Laws:
It has been a huge privilege to serve as an education minister in the coalition government over the last two and a half years. I'm hugely proud of the part I have been able to play in ending child detention, and rolling out the pupil premium, giving free nursery places to disadvantaged two year olds, amongst many other achievements.

Particularly close to my heart has been the work to reform the system of support for children and families with special educational needs and disability. It is a cause I have championed partly as a result of my own experience of illness and disability as a teenager. I would have dearly liked to be able to carry that work through to completion. I now hand that task over to others in Government to finish.

I am certain David will be an outstanding education Minister. We have been friends for many years and I am delighted for him that he has been given one of the best and most rewarding roles in Government. I shall support him and the Government now from the backbenches.

My number one priority will continue to be representing my constituents, which has always been my first love, and I'm also looking forward to having a little more time for myself.
Perhaps she will represent her constituents by joining the protest march against the closure of Central Middlesex A&E on September 15th.


Paul Ashby said...

Teather: My priority is to save my political career..

Anonymous said...

Expenses angel replaced by Expenses Cheat

Trevor said...

I think a much needed reality check is needed here.
We have suffered more than enough under these politicians than to let ourselves be mislead and caused to suffer even more by taking statements from People like Teather seriously.
Even if She Is serious in what she said, The reality is she is a politician...need I say anymore?

trevor said...

Is there such a Thing as a disingenuous politician?
yes...all those that were involved in the expenses scandal were disingenuous in that while they were putting on a false front of being honest, they were actually being dishonest by claiming money money than they were actually entitled to.
now I don't know of such a thing as a human being that is honest in all their dealings from day one...afterall to do so takes serious effort and recognizing the value of a clean conscience, also the individidual needs to recognize the value of being honest.
it also requires a rooting out of the greed in one's heart and being willing to take only what one is legally entitled to.
ok it may mean you suffer want but isn't that better than suffering from a guilty conscience when one is caught taking more than they are legally entitled to?