Saturday 15 September 2012

Lessons from George Benham, previous Brent Chief Executive

A young Gareth Daniel gives Benham his farewell card
 I have managed to unearth some details of when the previous Chief Executive, George Benham, was removed from his post.

From the Daily Mail, July 17th, 1998:
THE highly respected chief executive of a Labour-controlled council has been forced out with a £700,000 payoff and a former Leftwing member of the GLC installed in his place.

Council tax payers will have to foot the bill for George Benham's sudden departure from Brent Council in favour of Gareth Daniel, a former Labour parliamentary candidate and close colleague of Brent East Labour MP Ken Livingstone.

Last night Tories accused the Labour group at the North-West London council - once renowned for its 'loony Left' policies - of a scandalous waste of council tax payers' money.
The £700,000 payoff included a car and a £51,768 pension brought forward 10 years,

Benham left 8 months before his 4 year contract had expired and had worked for Brent for 13 years, previously as Director of Education.  His salary as Chief Executive was £115,000 annually.

Benham went on to become headteacher of Cardinal Hinsley Catholic Secondary School anxious to prove his mettle after years of giving advice to headteachers. He only lasted a short time before quitting amidst high staff turnover and complaints from teachers that he was unable to control violent pupil behaviour towards staff.

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jack gordon said...

How is it that this man, so savagely critizised by Lord Laming in his report on the Victoria Climbié tragedy in 2000,was appointed and continued to exercise a limp guiding hand until now?

Who were the six Departmental heads that supported him?

Martin,you deserve a peerage for this discovery.
Don't be modest. They are awarded for much less these days