Wednesday 19 September 2012

Good news for play in Chalkhill

So much has been done to improve Chalkhill Estate and its primary school that I thought Chalkhill needed some positive coverage after the sad news reported elsewhere.

Chalkhill Primary is an accredited Healthy School and believes in the importance of play not just for keeping healthy but also for how it contributes to learning.

Children came back after the summer holiday to find a whole new Early Years Playground.  A state of the art new Early Years building at the school will also open this month. The Junior Playground will have a similar make-over later this year and the nearby Chalkhill Park should be finished by November.

Needless to say the children were incredibly excited when they saw their new playground and couldn't wait to try it out.

Adventurous Play  Equipment
Outside Music Workshop
Balcony Imaginative Play Areai 
Climbing wall in the Junior Playground


trevor said...

I feel sorry for children that live in wembley because for decades they have been neglected.
first they were forced to live on the slum that was known as Chalk Hill Estate which was also a haven of torment for many reasons.
1.The Lack of adequate sound Proofing material on the entire estate meant that it was impossible to relax in your flat in relative peace and quiet because normal household noises made when people get up from sitting on a chair could be clearly heard in every room in your flat which after a while would drive even the most long suffering person to despair.
2. for years the estate's flats were infested with cockroaches which would get into everywhere and thing in your flat, naturally causing stress and health problems.
3. I don't think there was a adequate play area for kids to play in and so instead kids would play in the walkways which would disturb people because they would run up and down and often do things like play football which would make no end of noise and cause stress and frustration to people trying to relax in their flats.
4. the estate was badly neglected by the council and allowed to become run down which made living on Chalk hill estate even more of a misery. Chalk Hill estate has been demolished the new estate like the old one has similar flaws and problems.
1.once again the flats have poor sound proofing material so the problem of household noises persists which gradually makes conflict between neighbors more likely just as it did on the old Estate.
2.once again my flat in particular is infested with moth like flies and have been in here for months.
it has got so bad that I have been unable to sleep in my bedroom because they get onto my bed and underneath my wardrobe, and of course on the bedroom walls and despite buying moth balls etc, they continue to infest my flat.
it is just like when I lived on chalk estate and my flat was infested with cockroaches. the old chalk-hill people continue to drop litter all over the place and it has made chalk hill road look like a open new style dustbin.
people even use the bushes as a convenient place to dump their litter rather than looking for a dustbin to dispose of their litter properly.
and it it is not that people need rather it is because people in general don't care and are lazy.
now I know what I have written is not about children but it is relevant and I will explain why.
1.The council has long shown neglect therefore it cannot be trusted to care for the needs of children.
2.when you live in a area in which carelessness and neglect is common, it won't be long before something new is spoiled by those that are responsible for the litter problem for example.
3.with the amount of cuts being made,it wouldn't surprise me if the play area turns out to be a very basic play area in which the equipment quickly falls apart just like the housing.
4.I have lived in Brent for 45 years and Have never seen anything of real quality so far.

Anonymous said...

i live in wembley ok.i know i was not forced to live in wembley estate ok. AND THATS MY SCHOOL!
it is a nice school BUT some kids are bad like in my class.ok
i will say is a nice place to live in and we have a park called chalk hill park.